Do you Want the Real Facts on Spanish Fly? Well Here they Are!

Searching for some information on Spanish Fly? Well, you are in the right place! Especially if you are interested in the facts. The truth is that one can get confused when trying to find real information about a product and the more a person reads, the more confused they get. But here is a list of facts only about SF!


  1. There is not only one Spanish Fly. That is right. There are many products using this name. And why? Well, the thing is that the original Spanish Fly has not been made for a while because it is dangerous. Instead, other variations of the product are produced. These products are natural, safe and they are made of different ingredients than the original one. But they use the same name because SF is notoriously famous for its awesome effects! And that is why producers want! To use the name in order to create a better product with the same effects, but with no side effects!
  2. The new Spanish Fly is made of natural ingredients. The new products are totally safe and they are totally natural!
  3. Spanish Fly LOVE boosts libido instantly. These drops work within just few minutes and their effect is just powerful! So no more waiting! You just mix the drops with the drink and drink it up!
  4. Spanish Fly LOVE can heal libido permanently. Yes, this is also true. Spanish Fly LOVE can, when used regularly, improve your overall libido and bring back your sex life!
  5. It can help with vaginal dryness. Women who are dealing with vaginal dryness know that a good aphrodisiac can help. And Spanish Fly is definitely the good solution!
  6. The original Spanish Fly was made of poison. That is true! The cantharidin, which was usd in Spanish Fly was a poison from an insect which caused irritation, but could also cause death.

So, now you know some of the facts about Spanish Fly! So, how do you feel about buying the product now?