Common Causes of Sexual Anxiety in Women and Men

Do you know what the thing that is ruining your sex life is caused by?

Sexual anxiety is an issue which is responsible for many problems in bedroom. But if you know what is causing it, it is quite easy to deal with it. Nevertheless, it is necessary to know something about sexual anxiety before you start treating it.

The thing is many people do not know that they are dealing with sexual anxiety. They simply cannot link the symptoms to the problem! And so they simply live with sexual anxiety and fail to deal with it. They do not know that the pain they are experiencing during sexual intercourse or the inability to perform is actually a symptom of sexual anxiety.


Well, they should know that. And they should also know what can cause sexual anxiety, because in order to get rid of it, it is necessary to deal with the cause! So, here are some of them:

  1. Usually sexual anxiety is caused by the fear of not performing well. This happens during the first times mostly, when the two are not eery familiar with each other and they feel under pressure.
  2. Previous trauma can also be the reason of sexual anxiety. So, if you had any bad experience in the past, maybe it is responsible for your inability to enjoy sex now.
  3. Problems in your relationship. If you have any unsolved issues with your partner, then they can be responsible for your sexual anxiety.
  4. Medical issues.
  5. Giving birth.
  6. Depression.

Well, these are just some of the common causes which can result in sexual anxiety. So, be careful and if you are experiencing any of the symptoms, then visit your doctor and talk about your issue! Do not be ashamed to talk about it, it is totally normal and you deserve to get the help that you need.