5 Tips to Keep your Marriage Happy


Marriage is one of the most sacred sacraments that everyone receives in their lives. Once a person decided to get married, he or she will forever be bonded with his or her partner – except when divorce is filed. On the other hand, there are marriages that are happy at first but as time pass by, couples become cold with each other or sometimes, falls out of love.

Compromise in order to make your partner happy

When you are inside marriage, you have to compromise in order to make your partner happy and contented. Don’t let your marriage be on the brink of downfall or worst, lose the battle of separation. A marriage passes on a lot of obstacles and this is natural. If you want to keep your marriage happy, you must know how to make it happen.

How to keep a marriage happy?

selalu-beri-semangat-pasangan-kamuThere are a lot of ways to keep your marriage happy. They say, “A happy wife brings a happy life”. This may be applicable to some husbands who find their partners amusing but for some, this simply does not make a big help.

A happy marriage will become absolutely happy if both of the parties involved are doing things together and are helping each other to achieve happiness.

Here are some tips that you can follow which will help in keeping your marriage a happy one.

Don’t forget to appreciate each other

images_boxart_happy-married-couple-w720Appreciation plays a big role in keeping your marriage happy. Sex is not the only way to show appreciation but there are simpler things that you can do to make it possible. Appreciating all the efforts that your partner does whether big or small is already a game changer in your marriage life.

Not all people can appreciate others but people who are appreciated are always the happy ones. Don’t let your partner’s emotional needs be ignored because sometimes, it can lead to conflicts such as cheating. Men or women don’t cheat because of sex but they cheat because the emotional attachment that they need are not given.

Also, another way of appreciating your partner is by saying thank you even to little things. A simple thank you can brighten your partner’s day. Also, by appreciating your partner, he or she will also do the same for you which will only result in a happy marriage.

Give importance to trust

A happy marriage will never be happy if trust is not around. One of the foundations of a happy marriage is trust and if you don’t build it first; doubts, problems, and differences may occur. Don’t do anything that will ruin the trust that your partner has given to you. Both of you should not let any temptation come your way because if it does, this is where trust crumbles.

In order to build trust, you must be honest with each other and also must be open. You should not hide anything that can be the source of doubts. Always see to it that nothing is hidden under your sleeves because the truth will still prevail. They say secrets will be unveiled, not now but when time allows it.

Once trust is ruined, it is hard to bring it back and mend. So, give importance to trust in order for you to keep your marriage happy.

Always communicate

istock_000019784847_medium_900x540Lack of communication is one of the reasons why marriages end in divorce. If you had an argument with your partner and both of you are not in a great mood, never let a day pass without talking about it. Communication must always be present.

Marriages are happy because couples are open about what they feel. They tend to express their sentiments in order for their partner to know how they are feeling. Poor communication can lead to misunderstandings and arguments because you don’t know what they feel.

Learn how to listen

In addition, in communication, it does not mean that you should only be the one talking but you must also learn how to listen. A good communication happens when a person knows how to listen attentively. Listen eagerly to your partner before saying anything and when you talk, make sure to look into your partner’s eyes to see your sincerity.  Communication is one of the keys tin keeping your marriage happy.

R-E-S-P-E-C-T each other

Respecting each other is a great way in keeping your marriage happy. When you say respect, you don’t usually do some overacting PDA’s in public. But respect in marriage means that you should respect each other’s opinions and perspectives.

Don’t let the other person feel belittle or don’t be dominant because it can be one of the causes why your partner tends to be with other people because they tend to listen more and respect your partner’s opinions than you do.

Don’t humiliate your partner in front of several people

Also, if you are in a public place, don’t humiliate your partner in front of several people. This is the respect that you should give. Respect can keep your marriage happy for a long time because you know that both of you has the rights to express each other’s opinions and have different insights.

Never let divorce be set on your table and set commitment as a priority

Young couple having a good time - IndoorsYou may feel that you also need to talk about divorce especially when your marriage is at a rough moment but doing this, it only shows that you are giving this option a “go”. Everything can become complicated and may sometimes be the source of arguments but if both of you are committed to each other; you can work things out and sort everything without involving divorce.

Being committed to each other will help you to be happy because both of you are willing to things together. Avoid divorce and be committed, surely your marriage will never be this happy.

Maintaining a happy marriage is never easy

However, if you know how to appreciate, respect, communicate, sets aside divorce and is fully committed, a happy marriage will always be with you. Always remember those rough moments will never be out of marriage but if you know how to overcome these together, your marriage will always be at bliss.