Low Libido in Women: How Common It Is? 

Increasing womens libidoPoor sex drive or lack of libido is one of the common sex- related issues among women and is quite seldom in men.  This claim was supported by different studies conducted. The American Medical Association calculated that millions of women in the United States experience what doctors usually call “female sexual arousal disorder or FSAD.

Almost half of the population of women suffers from poor sex drive

But, recently there seems to be a female sexual arousal disorder cause in the North America and it was driven by the doctors who were thinking that almost half of the population of women in the area suffers from poor sex drive. This big number does not seem likely actually.

In the United Kingdom, clinics that are specializing in family planning and relationships see a huge number of women who complain of having low sex drive. The estimate was that at any time, several hundred thousands of women in Great Britain are affected by poor sex drive.

This poor libido is just temporary

Most of these ladies do not have any problem when it comes to orgasm. Instead, they do not have real desire to make love and their minds aren’t turned on by the idea of love making. Luckily, for most females, this poor libido is just temporary and could normally have an adequately reasonable explanation for them.

Some would be able to overcome the situation by themselves but others can be helped by an experienced medical professional or by giving some psychosexual advice. Others don’t like to get back into the world of rampaging sexual desire and are somewhat happy to lead lives which are quite untroubled by covetousness.

Half of the pre-menopausal women experienced poor sexual desire

Also, according to the latest survey that was supported by the HealthyWomen and Palatin Technologies, Inc., almost half of the pre-menopausal women ages 30 to 50 years old say that they have experienced poor sexual desire at some time in their lives but just 14% of them were aware that HSDD is a medical condition.

HSDD is the type of sexual desire disorder which could be defined as the deficiency or lack of sexual fantasies & desire to make love which triggers distress and interpersonal difficulty.

Most typical type of female sexual dysfunction

Low-Libido-in-WomenThis particular under-reported & under-recognized sexual problem could take a toll on the self-esteem and romantic relationship of a woman. Poor sex drive is the most typical type of female sexual dysfunction or FSD.

It is the universal medical term which also involves female sexual arousal disorder, sexual pain disorder as well as female orgasmic disorder.

The signs and symptoms of poor sexual desire involve:

  • Lack of sexual thoughts
  • No sexual desire which can’t be attributed to any psychiatric or physical condition, not to any medicines
  • Strain and pressure on the relationship which is because of the lack of sexual desire or thoughts

In case that you suffer from one or all of the symptoms mentioned above, you’re not alone. As said by the Healthy Women and Palatin Technologies’ survey that included more than 900 premenopausal ladies, 46 percent of them experienced poor sexual desire.

Why are women distressed?

Of these, around 6 in 10 women were distressed around their dulled desires for sex. Why they are distressed? The survey revealed that 85% of women who are in the ages 30 up to 50 years old assume that poor sex desire is affecting the intimacy level in the romantic relationships. In this number, 66% of them assume that poor sex drive impacts negatively their communication with their spouses.

Don’t worry! Sex problems are quite common

Most women hesitate to discuss something regarding their sexuality with their partners or with their doctors. There’s no need to endure the problem while remaining silent. Sex problems are quite common and could usually be worked out through educating yourself regarding the issue and then researching professionals who were trained to assist.

It is also very important to be honest with your partner. In case the problem is quite life-disrupting and that it causes trouble in your relationship or it involves physical pain, it will be the best time to discuss the issue together with a medical professional.

What are the Causes of Poor Sex Drive in Women?

Just like the case in men, lack of sexual desire in women could be either or psychological or physical origin. But, physical causes are somewhat rare, which involve:

  • Anemia, which is quite typical in women due to iron loss during menstrual periods
  • Drug abuse
  • Alcoholism
  • Major diseases like diabetes

Trigger the problem by hormone deficiencies

images-4The problem can also be triggered by hormone deficiencies. The number one Swiss gynaaecologist named Dr. Michael Nemec claimed that abnormalities on the production of the LH usually cuase lack of sexual desire, although there’s little international backup for that notion.

The famous gynecologist named John Studd said that most women who have lost their sex drive were lack of androgenic hormones such as testosterone, but this view stays controversial until now.

Meanwhile, menopause does not usually cause the absence of libido, and thus, most women feel a bit sexier and have lots of orgasms within their postmenstrual phase of life.

Psychological Causes

Such causes are extremely common. It’s logical that when a lady is having a bad time fervently, she might lose attention in sex.

Psychological causes comprise:

  • Depression
  • Overwork and stress
  • Anxiety
  • Hang-ups from childhood
  • Previous sexual abuse
  • Latent lesbianism
  • Severe relationship problems with her partner
  • Tough living conditions

What to Do?

Menopauza-575x388There are things that a woman can do when she have learned that she suffers from lack of sex drive. You can get started by visiting your doctor and discuss the issue with her and the doctor will start performing the needed tests.

Also, you can choose to visit a woman doctor in the family planning clinic since such practitioners are used for dealing with this particular issue or you can use and buy Spanish Fly Love.

Aphrodisiacs can helps with low libido in women

Great aphrodisiacs, which can definitely helps with low libido in women! Unluckily, within the last few years of family planning, clinics have become swamped with different patients and most of them these days won’t take3 on the psychosexual activities.

In case that psychological or the relationship factors are predominant, it might be best if you choose to seek medical help. Look for a reliable medical facility that offers help for women who suffer from low sex drive.