Are You Avoiding Sex Because of Pain?

1119c98eb66ef1c7ba5e866b93ef42fd Sex must be an exciting and pleasurable experience that includes spine-tingling, toe curling and good back-arching. Nevertheless, recent studies have shown that a lot of women these days are experiencing sex pain during sexual intercourse.

Things you need to do against painful sexual intercourse

When sexual intercourse is very painful, what are the things you need to do? How will you have to treat such type of problem? Are there some options you need to consider? How can you fix sex pain? Well, these are some questions of women who want to avoid sex because of pain. And as far as sex pain is concerned, there is really no need to worry anymore. This is especially for because there are lots of things you can do to avoid this type of condition from happening.

Real culprit of painful sex

Woman experiencing sleeping troubleRelationship problem can be the real culprit of painful sex. If some things in your relationship do not go well, these could only contribute to fear and anxiety while having sex. These can also cause clamping down of the vaginal muscles that make your sexual activity downright painful and uncomfortable. To ensure you of an exciting and very comfortable sex, both of you need to be relaxed.  Try to talk about your relationship problems outside your bed to know some of the best solutions and to solve everything before getting into sex.

Common Reasons for Painful Sex and How to Immediately Fix It

Are you aware of some of the reasons why painful sex exists? Well, here is the list of some of the common reasons why sex is painful and all the things you need to do to fix it:

sex-love-life-blogs-smitten-2012-07-25-0725-unhappy-couple-cheating_smVaginal Dryness

Sex pain is also sometimes due to vaginal infection. Bacterial vaginosis and yeast infection are among those types of infections that can immediately be treated in obtaining a comfortable sexual intercourse experience. Also, endometris, inflammatory disease in pelvic, fibroids, and sex right after giving a birth to a child are among the causes of sex pain. To avoid your vagina from drying up continuously, you may make use of some of the best natural lubricants and moisturizers to avoid vaginal dryness.

Insufficient Lubrication

In most cases, sex can really be very painful when insufficient lubrication has occurred. For this incident, the pain can actually be prevented by the use of natural and healthy lubricants. This can also be prevented if you will change your sexual scripts in the bedroom. Try to include more foreplay and kissing for a good arousal that stimulates sufficient genital lubrication before having sex.

Allergic Reaction

Allergic reaction is probably due to the use of some sexual intercourse products like latex condoms.  If you will not wrap it up properly, there might be a chance that you will get allergic reaction. This is especially when it comes to the semen of your partner. This is the reason why you need to make use of natural lambskin and synthetic rubber condoms. If you are really committed to a certain relationship and your main part is considered to be allergic to semen, well the cure is not to prevent having sex but having more sex.



Your vagina sometimes acts as a Venus flytrap. For the second time that he has entered, it immediately clamps shut. This is very painful but still this can be considered as a treatable type of condition. This causes entrance muscle on your vagina to penetrate and spasm that make your sexual intercourse very painful. This can also be prevented if your partner will perform some stretching exercises before starting inserting their finger or working out the intercourse.


This is a type of nervous system breakdown. This primarily affects a lot of women and this cannot be identified easily. Doctors sometimes misdiagnose this type of condition as yeast infection. This can also be immediately prevented if you will be using a vibrator. You can also ask some prescriptions to your doctor to cure this kind of pain.

These are only some of the common causes of sex pain that you might experience. There are still more that you may experience during sexual intercourse. It will still depend on your capability and all other reasons.

The pain during sex can still be managed especially the simple pain. For those pains which are already serious and are not manageable, it is always best to seek for an immediate assistance from medical and health professionals as early as possible. Doing this, you’re assured of solving the pain and not making it worse.

How Can Spanish Fly Love Help To Avoid Pain During Sex?

spanish fly love 7

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Immediate and effective answer to your concern

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