Vulvodynia – Definition, Symptoms and Treatment

What Is Vulvodynia?

1872501_1437742836Vulvodynia, otherwise called vestibulodynia, is a condition from which 15% of ladies endure. Generally, found in ladies who are more youthful to moderately aged, the condition is not infective and can be stifled with legitimate treatment.

Vulvodynia is a ceaseless uneasiness inside the vulva, the passageway to the vagina and to the urethra. It happens as a consequence of issues with the nerve filaments around there, and it doesn’t show itself outwardly. It is described by the nerve endings in those zones being super-delicate and agonizing to the touch. The torment might be steady or travel every which way in cycles.

Available in the Labia Majora or Labia Minora

The agony is normally portrayed as a copying, stinging, tingling, chafing or a crude feeling. Sexual intercourse, strolling, sitting or practicing can exacerbate the torment.

It can be available in the labia majora and/or labia minora. Some of the time it influences the clitoris, perineum, mons pubis and/or internal thighs. The agony might be steady or irregular, and it is not as a matter of course started by touch or weight to the vulva. The vulvar tissue may seem excited, however much of the time there are no obvious discoveries.

It isn’t Life-debilitating

Vulvodynia as a rule begins all of a sudden and may keep going for quite a long time to years. In spite of the fact that it isn’t life-debilitating, the torment may make one cut back on some typical exercises. It can likewise make one annoyed or discouraged. It may even bring about issues in one’s association with mate or accomplice, since it can make sexual intercourse excruciating.

What Causes Vulvodynia?

vulvodyniaVulvodynia is not created by a dynamic contamination or a sexually transmitted illness. Through proceeded with exploration endeavors, we draw nearer to revealing the fundamental cause(s) of vulvodynia. Scientists theorize that one or a greater amount of the next may bring about, or add to, vulvodynia:

  • An harm to, or bothering of, the nerves that transmit torment from the vulva to the spinal line
  • An increment in the number and affectability of agony detecting nerve strands in the vulva
  • Elevated levels of provocative substances in the vulva
  • A strange reaction of various sorts of vulvar cells to ecological elements, for example, disease or injury
  • Genetic weakness to perpetual vestibular aggravation, ceaseless across the board torment and/or powerlessness to battle contamination
  • Pelvic floor muscle shortcoming, fit or shakiness


vulvodynia2In the wake of taking an intensive restorative history and making inquiries about your symptoms, your supplier ought to precisely inspect the vulva, vagina and vaginal discharges to preclude a dynamic disease or skin issue. Routine societies for yeast and bacterial diseases ought to be performed. Your supplier may likewise prescribe that you have blood attracted to evaluate levels of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone.

He/she will probably play out a cotton-swab test (imagined on the privilege). Amid the test, delicate weight is connected to different vulvar destinations and you’re solicited to rate the seriousness from the torment. On the off chance that any ranges of skin seem suspicious, your supplier may look at them with an amplifying instrument or take a biopsy of the zone


The primary vulvodynia side effect is torment in your genital territory, which can be portrayed by:

  • Burning
  • Soreness
  • Stinging
  • Rawness
  • Painful intercourse (dyspareunia)
  • Throbbing
  • Itching

Vulvar Tissue May Look Insignificantly Kindled or Swollen

The torment you experience might be consistent or incidental and can keep going for a considerable length of time or even years, however it can vanish as abruptly as it began. You may feel the torment in your whole vulvar region (summed up), or it might be confined to a specific zone, for example, the opening of your vagina (vestibule). A comparable condition, vestibulodynia, may bring about torment just when weight is connected to the zone encompassing the passageway to your vagina. Vulvar tissue may look insignificantly kindled or swollen. All the more regularly, your vulva seems ordinary.

Treatment of Vulvodynia


Here are a couple of things ladies can do to diminish symptoms of vulvodynia or hold them under control.

vaginal-painStay away from Potential Irritants

It might keep away from things that could disturb the vulva. These might incorporate certain cleansers, drugs, or douches. Here are a couple tips:

  • Use dermatologically affirmed cleanser and don’t utilize cleanser on underwear.
  • Use unscented bathroom tissue that is delicate and white.
  • Wear 100% white cotton clothing, menstrual cushions, and tampons.
  • Avoid getting cleanser on the vulvar zone.
  • Avoid perfumed creams or cleansers, cushions or tampons, and preventative creams or spermicides.
  • Avoid hot tubs or pools with loads of chlorine.
  • Rinse the vulva with cool water after pee and intercourse.
  • Avoid nourishments that make pee additionally aggravating. This may incorporate sustenances, for example, greens, beans, berries, chocolate, or nuts.
  • Wear baggy jeans and skirts; don’t wear pantyhose.
  • Keep the vulva perfect and dry.

Ease Pressure

Certain exercises put weight on the vulva. To facilitate the weight:

  • Use a water-dissolvable oil amid sex.
  • Avoid exercises that put direct weight on the vulva. This incorporates bicycling and horseback riding.
  • Sit on a froth elastic donut.

Relieve Pain

These step may help in reducing vulvar pain:

  • Soak in tepid or cool sitz showers.
  • After intercourse, apply ice or a solidified gel pack wrapped inside a hand towel.
  • Alternatively, topical warmth connected with a warming cushion can lessen torment in a few ladies with vulvodynia.
  • Try relaxation techniques.

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